Grand Portview Restaurant, KK

Yes, it’s been a while, and seeing as we are already in February, I thought I better post something to get the blog going, lest it becomes Lazarus (thus said STP!), only not important enough to be “revived”.

I have taken lots of photos, and thoughts of “…ahh..blogworthy, this….” were prominent and often, just didn’t really have the time nor the inspiration to add words to the photos.

We’re in the middle of the 15 -day CNY celebrations, and festivities are winding down, with kids going back to school this week, and many adults back at work, if they have not already done so, end of last week. With the bleak economic outlook for the year, many have downsized this year’s celebrations, most evident in the purchases of firecrackers and fireworks. The one activity that seems still economically inelastic at this point, is dining out. My brother-in-law and wife treated us for dinner at the Grand Portview Restaurant in KK, last night, and the place was bustling as usual, no sign of recession at all.

Anyway, we had the venison, which was delicious. Both kids loved it, so that’s further proof (my kids especially my son has a very “discerning palate”, so much so that we suggested that if all fails, maybe he’ll make a living being a food critic!).


This was followed by a very small portion of “siaw pai chai” (apparently green leafy vegetables are scarce and thus rather pricey),


Next up was clams, which was just okay, as have had better before;


One of my daughter’s favourite food was next, the yam ring, and this photo was taken after it had been “dissected”. I thought this was just mediocre, nothing really to rave about.


The steamed prawns followed suit, and in my opinion, the best dish at this dinner. My SIL was trying to determine the ingredients, and came up with garlic (lots, as one can see), some sort of rice wine, and she swore some MSG. 🙂 The prawns were  steamed just right, succulent and tasted “sweet”.


We then had a braised mushroom and oyster dish, and the last one was a claypot seafood tofu dish.



The service deserves a mention here.  We arrived at the restaurant around 7.30 pm, ordered the above dishes, and prepared to wait a long while, as the place was packed. To our pleasant surprise, the first dish was served about 10 minutes later, and the rest were served in quick succession. We left the restaurant at about 8.40pm….not unlike eating in KFC or other fast food joints, eh?


4 Responses to “Grand Portview Restaurant, KK”

  1. suituapui Says:

    Is that where they used to have the eat-all-you-can seafood buffet? Heard it’s pretty pricey. Looks yummy though!!! That activist didn’t say anything about eating venison? Like wild boar, selling of the meat here is banned – going to be extinct! LOL!!!

    I never knew there’s an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet at the restaurant. Deer not going extinct, is it? The prawn dish was RM180, total bill RM386 or something like that.

  2. Stella Says:

    Wow!The prawns pretty pricey considering KK thot to be the seafood place. Over here the tiger prawns some imported n some from Aussie itself,if u go to vietnamese area is around A$30 per kg,so considering yrs,ours is actually reasonable. The vietnamese here now very enterprising so we can get almost everything,the other day i bought papayas which is just as sweet as the ones in sibu. In STP’s blog,can’t believe the price of cangkuk manis n all the green vegs now,the flood is really doing a lot of damage isn’t it!Clams looks delish!Here i bought from viet market n cooked myself. Lots of sand so have to soak them in salt water for a while so the clams can purged it all out .They r also known as pipis n really nice with the ‘cha-hu-ngang!If deer extinct,come here n buy,philip Island got a deer farm where u can buy.m not into deer tho!

    KK is famed for its seafood, correct, but is definitely NOT cheap. You mean the vietnamese just started becoming enterprising? Late bloomers or different generation now? I don’t think deer is going extinct, so venison should still be quite easily available.

  3. suituapui Says:

    Very cheap! Sit-down dinners at big restaurants here same price or even more. Venison and wild boar meat here sold under the counter-illegal. But some claim the venison of local deer rearing farms. Dunno of any around here though!

    I remember Ta Kiong here selling deer meat, and I was told that they’re from reared deers. I will ask the friendly butcher for more details. As far as wild boar is concerned, chances of getting them here are sadly, very slim.

  4. Stella Says:

    No lah!Vietnamese always very enterprising but last time they sold mainly viets vegs but now they have more variety which catered for msian tastebuds as well like bittergourd n their papayas a lot nicer than woolies ones. Hopefully they will sell cangkuk manis one day. My sis in Brissy grows them but not me,donno can survive here or not,anyway she has green fingers, my are brown!LOL!

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