Bento Goodness

Now what’s this…..


A proper bento box!!!

Okay…this is the only decent bento box I can find in the interim, unless I use the Lock&Lock boxes, which work quite well as well. This has the “cute” factor, and till I get to Daiso in 1 Borneo next month, this will suffice. My daughter was not pleased that I was using this one today, and she had to make do with her old Lock&Lock. She was bribable.

Well, this box was ordered online from New Stylish Tokyo, and although their inventory is not very extensive, it’s not too shabby either. I was told the 100Yen stores are pretty good, but alas, there isn’t one here. I also ordered some food picks, and mini sauce containers, which will be featured when I use them.

Eager to use this box, I stir fried noodles with corn kernels, carrots, spam pieces and diced long beans yesterday evening (so I can just warm up this morning). Also made some omelette (with diced chicken and sun-dried tomatoes).  So the bottom box was this:

(The prawns were a last minute addition, as there was one left over from yesterday’s lunch, and also brimming with enthusiasm, my domestic assistant, Lina, suggested that I include it in my box).

For the upper layer, I pan fried some pork sausages (to be eaten with the honey mustard sauce in the green silicon cup), and some salad. I put some vinaigrette in the flower shaped mini sauce container.

My complete bento box looked like this:

Come to think of it, this bento box is really good if one is particular about portion control.  I think this box has a total capacity of 600 ml, which according to this guide, is right for my age group.

My daughter’s box:

(Clockwise from upper left: lightly fried button mushrooms, mixed veg of lettuce, carrots and roma tomatoes, pork sausages, tomoto sauce).

So what was for brunch or lunch? Hope it was interesting and nourishing as well.


2 Responses to “Bento Goodness”

  1. Stella Says:

    Winnie the Pooh fan r we? My 2 girls used to like the japanese characters lunch sets n they have Pikachu, n also the frog,forgot the name since they are not into it now. Interesting Bento today! Most Bento Box I had here before always either includes the teriyaki chicken n the other is the tempura like prawns etc. I just love the miso soup which is always included too. I seldom had brunch except weekends or holidays. always 3 meals! My lunch is left over laksa from yesterday,dinner is stir fry rice cake n tomorrow i may cook fried rice with plumrose luncheon ham,side dish will be morrocan lamb n salad, n also throw in some chick wingdings in oven for the kids,quick n easy since i m going for my laser facial with my laser therapist n also see my skin doctor to stock up my skincare cream so don’t want to come back n worry abt time consuming meals! What is yours? Gee! We both r like planning our meals menu in advance lately!LOL! Bento eating again tomorrow? Soon your tummy will be nice n flat like the bento box if u persist with this diet! n u will be speaking Japanese!!Happy Bentoing!!LOL!

    No, am not a fan…it’s either Pooh bear or minnie mouse.Am not into the anime stuff. Until recently, I would have breakfast, but due to time constraints, I’ve decided to do brunch instead. I’ll be having tuna patties and some salads I think. I can only dream about the flat tummy..LOL!

  2. Stella Says:

    Hey!Thot u might like to know that pork or chick schnitzels goes well with bento too n u can also put in some japs mayo. My butcher told me to crumb the pork,i always use the ones they sold me, always buy 5 slices for each ,beat up one egg,dip pork into (FRnoption)egg,then flour(organic option) then crumbs with ovnitebread toasted n blendered,add yr own pepper n salt n whatever herbs u fancy!Lightly pan fried or if u want to be really healthy spray some oil n baked in oven. Remember the vietnamese broken rice with pork chop in Oz? The pork chop marinated with freshly pounded squeezed ginger juice, then marinated with yr desire n pan fry also nice!Bona Appetite! Hope u don’t think i’keipo’!LOL!

    Always on the lookout for nice food ideas! Thank you for the suggestion. When I try, I’ll post it up….if successful of course… hehe.

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